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Welcome to this page which presents some utilities developed for the Condor Soaring Simulator and also real-life soaring (this is not the official site which is here)

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VerifLocal : Flight analyser, safety oriented

VerifLocal icon VerifLocal analyzes IGC or Condor flight recordings.
It allows to check whether the glider has remained within gliding range of Landable Areas (LA) during the flight and can determine escape routes.
From version 2.0 on, airspace may be displayed
The name comes from the French gliding expression : “rester en local”: “to remain within gliding range”
Version 2.0 (Zip File)
Version 1.0 (Zip File)

Polars for XCSoar and LK8000

These polar curves can be used with XCSoar or LK8000.
They have been computed with data taken from the Condor polar curves.

Zip package Last updated on 28/10/2020 (Hangar Update 16)

CoTASA : COndor True Air Speed Alarm

CoTASA icon CoTASA is a program which displays True Air Speed (TAS) and sounds an alarm.
Optionally, a simplified artificial horizon, the netto vario and water ballast may be displayed.
It also features a long-term (total energy) integrator and a stopwatch
For flapped gliders it also shows the recommended flaps setting.
Version 2.2.1 (Installer)
Version 2.2.1 (Zip package)
Manual (English)
Glider data (for all versions) 28/10/2020 (Hangar Update 16)

Previous versions
Version 2.1 (Installer)
Version 2.1 (Zip package)
Version 1.1.7 (Installer) (for Condor 1, which is not supported anymore since CoTASA V2.0)

CoTaCo : COndor TAsk COnverter

CoTaCo icon CoTaCo converts Condor flight plans (.fpl) to XCSoar (.tsk) or LK8000 tasks (.lkt)
It handles both Condor 1 and Condor 2.
AATs and Condor penalty zones are supported.
Version 3.2 allows for automatic start-up
Version 3.2 Zip package
Manual (English)

Version 3.1 Zip package
Version 2.1 Zip package

FPLCheck : Flight PLan Checker

FPLCheck icon FPLCheck checks Condor flight plans (.fpl) according to user-defined parameters
Zip package (Version 1.1)

CoFliCo : COndor FLIght track COnverter

CoFliCo icon CoFliCo converts Condor flight tracks (.ftr) to IGC files
It can also rename the .ftr or .igc files according to flight parameters
Condor 1 is not supported
Zip package (version 1.1.1)

CoJuGe : COndor JUnction GEnerator

CoJuGe icon CoJuGe generates links (junctions created by MKLINK /J) for landscapes
between an alternate folder and the Condor default location.
Zip package

CoCoCo : COndor COordinates COnverter

CoCoCo icon CoCoCo converts Latitude and Longitude to Condor XY coordinates
It has no GUI and has to be run from a command-prompt window or from a batch file (.bat)
It must be installed in the same folder as CoTaCo
Zip package

Flaps indicator for the Throttle Quadrant

Throttle Quadrant Changeable strips to indicate the flaps settings on a Throttle Quadrant
For Condor version 2.0.5 and above. Last updated on 12/10/2020 (Hangar Update 15)
Pdf file (V3 - instructions included)

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